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What the Digidestines (themselves) have to say: *UPDATED 8/28*

I have noticed that I haven't put anything really about the digidestined kids or their digimon on my web-site. So here goes, there's a question of the week that they'll all answer (+ me and Black Gatomon). Don't worry, the old ones get saved and I'll post them somewhere. This 3 week question was requested by GatoGal:

Takari or Daikari, you pick!

Me *he he he*

Maggy: "Daikari? Takari? I don't have strong feelings for either. Daisuke liked her so much, but he got over her. It's true that Takeru and Hikari's outfits matched, but where's the chemistry? I think Hikari should fine a non-digidestined to be soul mates with. *And I guess she did!*"

Can you see me? =''=

Black Gatomon: "When it comes to Takari, I'm a HUUUUUGE fan! I think that they so belong together. They make the kawaiist couple! Sorry Daisuke. And ummm Patamon??? Veemon??? NO COMMENT!!! Angemon is kind of sexy though..."

You REALLY want my opinon? 'Cause no one ever does.

Daisuke: "Hikari will NEVER feel the way she feels for me, the same way she feels for Takeru! Wait a minute..... All I knows is that she must like me, it's like so ovious that she's playing hard to get! Just because she might have a 'thing' for TJ doesn't mean that they're inlove! She's loves me, dammit! She loves me, I say!"

What do YOU want, all I can give is good-luck!

Veemon: "I have seen THEM together. I don't know why my beloved feline would go for that orange,fat, lil' flying pig with-a-femi-voice (he he he)! I just don't know why!!! My brain and heart hurt, maybe I should lie down for a while."

I'm the cutest, smartest, and most talented! What can I say? I'm the best!

Hikari: "Two boys fighting over little old me? How kawaii! But here's my little secret: I don't like Takeru or Daisuke, I have a crush on the french forien exchange student, Pierre. Takeru is just a dumb old blonde boy, and Daisuke is, well... Daisuke. Watching them fight over me is soooo much fun, it ought to be illlegal!"

And they say Daisuke has a BIG ego....

Gatomon: "Veemon said what??? That is NOT true!!! I'm in NO relationship with anyone, and I would never, ever, go out with Patamon! We're just friends! The stupid blue, pionted noised, dino-slut is spreeding rumors about me! Oh Veemon-kun I have something to show you (it's about time that I pratice some lightning claw, h he he)."

Hey, I know allot for a 9 yearold!

Iori: "Daikari. Yes, Daiakari. Why? Um, because the make a very cute couple? Hikari will never obsess over Takeru, like I do! Opps, forget I said that. Hikari and Daisuke BELONG together, I'm just waiting for the episode where they get trapped in a basement together. Oh yeah, Digimon is not a soap opera. Forgot..."

Howdy Partner!

Armadillomon: "Veemon+Gatomon, Patamon+Gatomon, where do I come in??? It's not fair that I don't get a digi-girlfriend! I mean, I'm a good looken bachelor. Why can't it be Armadillomon+Gatomon? Naaaa, those digi-dudes can have that bitch, I want Armadillomon+Biyomon. What would that be called? armyomon, armadiyomon, billomon, biyadillomon? The possibilites are endless!"

Are my glasses to big, do you think?

Jou: "Hikari and Takeru have matching outfits, isn't that soooo cute. Daisuke is too stupid and ugly to have anyone have a crush on him (even Palmon). He doesn't even plan to go to college! So what does
1 Hikari + 1 Takeru - 1 Daisuke = a match made in heaven! Awwwww."

Why does everyone laugh at me whenever I say some 'than?

Gomamon: "A blue-dino with a lisp, and a white chubby cat? Ha ha ha. A flying orange-white pig, and a white cat? Ha ha ha. A blue-dino with a lisp, and a flying orange-white pig, fighting over a white chubby cat? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It seems all sooo funny to me! A dark-purple afro head, and a super-ego long sideburns girl? Ha ha. A blonde gilligan wanna-be, and a super-ego long sideburns girl? ha ha. A dark-purple afro head, and a blonde gilligan wanna-be, fighting over a super-ego long sideburns girl? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Why are you looking at me, did I do something wrong again?

Ken: "Some people say I like all three of them, are they wrong???"

I'll do whatever it takes to protect Ken!!! Back off!

Wormmon: "Those weirdos better stay away from Ken. I don't care EVEN IF my jogress partner is Veemon, that big white bitch beter stay way from US!!! Ken is mine, why would want one of those fickled freakes when he could have me?"

I'm the Digiworld's sexyist computer genius, just check out my theorys!

Koushiro: "Oh no, 2 boys fighting over a girl. HOW ORIGINAL!
Why do I care about those 2 num-nuts fighting over MY girl. It's ovious that she PREFERS older guys. I'm mean look at those pre-pubesent little shits. They can't even save the world with out help from the 'older' kids. Did we have older kids to rely on, when we were the 'chosen children'? No. I can see why they want Hikari, they don't want her body. They want her 'cause she's the ONLY smart one!"

I want to go back to my tree!

Tentomon: "Gatomon and Veemon. Ahhh the cute couple. Wait, Angemon and Angewomon, cuter! Which one? Which ONE?? I don't know. At least no one's after Hawkmon!"

*My outfit's cute and I can sing!*

Mimi: "Hikari is such a little slut! 2 guys want her, she has here own beehive and she's like the queen bee! I've been watching too much Ally again! If that little bitch keeps this up, all the guys will want her (and my knife doesn't want that to happen). Why can't she just be happy with those 3 chinese dudes? Honestly, I can't figure out what the hell she wants! Where's my prozac? Where IS IT? God damm you Miyako, hiding my medication again!"

Um, um, um...

Palmon: "Um, um, um, Patomon? Vetomon? Um, um, um, um, um, um, he he he love. Um, um, um, VEEMON! Um, green? Um, I HATE THIS!!!"

I'm am NOT a nutjob!!!

Miyako: "I must face the truth, that Hikari is the most popular girl that I have ever met! No, wait a minute. Mimi is! Yes, my Mimi is BETTER that Hikari! Hotter, sexyer, and a better dresser! In that case Hikari can have Daisuke, he he."

It's inpolite to gawk. Hey, a bird can have manners!

Hawkmon: "Hikari is 12. Daisuke is 11. Takeru is 11. Their Digimon must reflect there ages. That creates a problem. A cat Digimon must belong with the dog Digimon. Wait, that makes no sense! I thought that two is company and three is a croud! What that have to do with the problem. Oh, forget this, I support Takedai all the way!"

I'm the tennis loving/flower picking whore!

Sora: "Who cares about those fecking little kids? I have Yamato as a BOYFRIEND!!! Oh yeah, oh yeah. No one has him 'cept me! Hikari can give all the boys BJs as long as she doesn't touch my Super Sexy Man!!! On, Yama I luv you! I luv you, I luv you, I luv YOU!!! If you ever break up with me, I'll just kill myself. I just luv you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!"

Whowawk I'm Biyomon Whowawk! Whowawk you may not know Whowawk this, but I'm a Whowawk REAL chainsmoker Whowak! (I'd have to be with a partner like Sora)

Biyomon: "Whowawk those stupid whowawk Digimon. Whowawk they are whowawk so foolish whowawk! *munch, munch* Whowawk ahhhhhh whowawk that's so whowawk much better whowawk! Where whowawk was I whowawk? Ahhh man, whowawk check out whowawk colors whowawk woaaaa! I whowawk gotta stop whowawk eaten 'shrooms whowawk and smoking whowawk at the whowawk same whowark time!"

I love soccer and Mimi says I'm a good dresser ever since I gave my goggles to Dai.

Taichi: "They want to go out with MY SISTER! NO ONE GOES OUT WITH MY SISTER! No one!!!! I luv my sis' and she's mine. If I have to stay home on Friday nights 'cause a certain asshole keeps turning me down, so does she!"

Pepper Breath!!!!!!! Opps, I thought you were an evil Digimon!

Agumon: "Well, it's ovious that Hikari is the Sora of 02 and Daisuke is the Tai of 02. That means Gatomon should go out with Patamon. I wish that they where the only couple! That would be.... nice."

Am I cuter than my Bro? Ohhhhh, but Hikari likes me (I think)!

Takeru: "Um do you think I should be with Hikari? I dunno, what ever the fangirls want. I mean, I'm not ready for a relationship. With a brother like Yamato dating a whore like Sora and a Digimon like Patamon that seems quite feme, I don't know! I just dunno, which do you want?"

Batpig??? Who said that about me?

Patamon: "Gatomon is a really good friend! I love her, I guess but I don't want Veemon to be sad. I love Veemon too!"

I'm just a hottie in a band. Why do girls go nuts over me?

Yamato: "That's my little bro, Takeru. A real ladies man just like me! What could Hikari possible see in Daisuke? Yes, she definitly likes my bro!"

Just call me Pimp-Gabumon.

Gabumon: "That lil' white bitch, yo! Ohhhh ya, she's a sexyone! Muhummm, she'll do anythan', I mean anythan' for eight dolla. I call for her' service 'oftan!"

I got all the icons (except Maggy and Black Gatomon) from here. I made the Maggy icon with Takeru, Hikari, and Iori. I made the Black Gatomon icon from the Gatomon icon.