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Links *UPDATED 8/28*

Leaving so soon? Oh well. If you actually like my site, then you can link it. Choose one of these banners.
Link to:

This banner has me on it!

A Yama that I drew on an oekaki board.

Tai in a dress, ohhhhhh.

OK, this one sucks, but I have to show my GOOD fanart on one or two banners.

Hey I like this one! I don't like Hikari that much, I just luv to draw her. I Hate Sora, Death To Sora!

My Favorite Links:
I like these so much, I've book-marked them. Why don't you check them out? If you want to sumit your link, just email me it.

I like this one, it has such cute Digimon fanart.

A Jun shrine!!! I like Jun now, this site converted me into a Jun lover.

Tons and tons of infro. Plus, a whole $h!t load of screen-caps!

Shrines for the kawaii, digimon-baddies!

Awesome Digimon fanart (mainly Ken and Yama), and other stuff (check out the oekaki board).

It's in Japanese, but it has spectacular Digimon fanart (mainly Yama and Tai).

Lots and lots of fanart, it's really good too!

If you're a Digimon fan, you've probably been there allready. But I decided to put in here anyway;).

Such a kawaii Patamon fan-site, it has a bunch of freebies too;) !

Such a perrty Digimon fanart site!

I didn't beleive in Yomi, untill I came to this site. It's soooo funny;) !

I LUV the Digimon fanart here, it's beautifull!

This is the best Yama shrine! Check out Goth TK, he's so kool!

A still growing fansite, they have there own Digimon downlodable RPG, and they're making their own season of Digimon!

Luv the Digimon fanart here too!

Another funny Digimon fan-site, she's anti-Sora too! Yay!

Such pretty Digimon fanart, plus Zeras is a Yama fan!

This such a cute site, especially if you like cats! It's turning into a Tentomon and Gomamon shrine.

I luv this site!!! It's so cute, check out the fanart!

The Vision Of Resuko: Tons of anime fanart here (Digimon too!) They're all pretty good.

*I made this banner and drew that picture* A different kind of shrine to Sora, here she's a skateboard punk!

Beautiful Dreamers: Wonderful fanart! *drool*

V-Tamer01 Manga Scans And Translations: I think this is the best site for the translations of that magna. I guess it's pretty popular (I've never really read it).

One of the best Anime-Big Honk'en- Lots Of Infro-Sites out there in cyber space! Home of the Forever Project.

A Digimon site that has everything you wouldn't have thought of.

Great fanart ! Lot's of couple pics. I love the watercolor style!

A shrine to Gatomon and Black Gatomon, go see it!!!

Black Gatomon's Pick Of The Month (September):
Black Gatomon: "Maggy said I could only pick one web-site to put here :(, so I decided to pick a different one for each month. This month winner is:"

Check it out, it's a must see!!!

Black Gatomon: "Stink's Digimon Hole! Ya BaBy! It's really cool (and funny)! You, (yeah YOU, that's right, I'm not talking to myself) should see it! Fanart, a Digidex (like no other that I've seen before) it's all there!"

Grave Yard
Here are some dead sites; but even if they haven't been updated in a year, they're still worth a look at.

Ready-made banners/buttons and backgrounds for your site. Cool!

Beautifull shrines for Flower and Angel Digimon. This is where I got most of the random digimon pics that are lying around my site;).

Same webmistress as above, I wonder why she abanded this nice site? Check out the pretty Gijinka fanart around this site.

Oh, I'm so bummed out that I heard she won't be updating or drawing any new stuff :(