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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

this is me as an original character

This is kind of what I look like, I made this pic myself.
NEVER Coming Soon: A Real Pic Of Me (you're better off not knowing what I look like).

My Mini Bio
I am 16 years old and I was born Feb. 8, 1985. My REAL name is Maggie, but I started spelling it Maggy. I go to a quaker boarding school in NH. I live in Vermont the rest of the time. I am currently looking for a job. I'm home for summer vacation right now, but I can't wait to go back to school. That's right I LOVE my school, though if you knew me you wouldn't know it (my favorite phrase is "I hate my life." I love to draw, listen to music, and write poetry-my poetry is kind of depressing, since I only write in my journal when I'm upset. That's all for now.

My favorite anime is: Digimon of course!
My other favorite TV shows are: The Croc Hunter (Steve Irwin Rules!), Boston Public (Gotta love the dramas), Survivor (When it was on, I have an obsession with Reality TV), and Ed (It's soooooo cute!).
My favorite kind of music is: alternative, but also like music I can dance to.
My favorite bands are: Incubus and Staind (I love these CDs to death).
My favorite singer: Dido (Gotta love chick music).
My favorite food: icecream, the ONLY really good food.
My favorite movies: The Matrix, Fight Club (I highly reccomend this movie to anyone), Jurrasic Park, Akira (the best anime movie-ever!), and Anti-Trust (I just saw this one-Ryan is sooooo hot!)
And last but not least my favorite kind of digimon fanart: Gijinka!

A scan of Marshmellow.

Marshmellow: Wonder Ring
Marshmellow: "Hello, my name is Marshmellow and this is my story of how Maggy found me: I used to live in a toy store, in a package with 2 other digimon rings (I forgot which ones). One day Maggy picked us out and another box of digimon rings and paid. Then she took us to a van and on they way home she put us on. She wore us sometimes, but then got boarded. So she hid us. At the end of her boarding school year, Maggy gave them all to her best friends, but kept me. Interesting fact: If you open me up, I have a patamon inside me."

Favorite Stuff

My favorite digidestined: Daisuke (Davis), he's ALLOT like me. We both get REALLY jelous, dislike Takeru, are impatient and careless sometimes, and are happy-go-lucky.

Other favorite characters on Digimon: Jun (Yes I DO like her), Yamato (he is so hot!), 02Taichi (another cute boy ;), 01Takeru (Baby cute),Kari (a bitch, but can be sweet and she has powers!),Izzy in Our War Game (he is strangly attractive), Ken (can you say HOT?) Iori (the cutie-patutie of 02), and Mimi (She is soooo cool, I just LUV her!)

Favorite Digimon: Black Gatomon, Gatomon, Veemon, Wormmon and almost all the rookies except maybe Biyomon, Palmon and Hawkmon.

Characters on Digimon that I don't like: Okay, I don't HATE Sora, but I don't like her that much; Miyako-again I don't hate her, but she's way to energetic for me; Jou-what I said 2 times before, he's just kind of boring; 02Takeru-He is annoying and a goodie two shoes. *Dives from the rotten pumpkins thrown by Sora/Miyako/Jou/and Takeru fans*

Digimon that I hate: I don't like any digimon that's butt ugly, but I can tolerate most; but OH MY GAWD- What's up with that cactus freak? I mean Togemon is sooooo scary, those holes for eyes? Those boxing gloves? That spray of needles? Ahhh, don't make me look at it! I've got a question for Mimi- "Is Togemon a boy or girl?" I also think Poromon and Upamon are sooo annoying (poor Iori and Miyako)!

me, black gatomon =''=

Black Gatomon's Corner
Black Gatomon: "Hi, I'll tell you a little about myself. Maggy found me outside her house oneday. It was raining and I was badly injured and sick. She brought me inside and nursed me back to health. Now I'm her devoted-digimon-partner and I'll do anything she tells me to do."