The Switch
Manly Sora

Maggy: "Sora on Yama's body..... Sora could pass for a boy. That gets me thinking, IS Sora really a boy?"

Black Gatmon: "He he, I bet Sorato lovers LUV this! I can't wait 'till Yama finds out who's been stealing his clothes!"

I look like a boy? But I have the crest of love! Wait....

Maggy: "Sora's head on Tai's body. Nu-ah, this isn't working! She looks so.....homely, yeah that's the word."

Black Gatomon: "The whole hand-in-pocket thing makes it look even worse. Did I mention the shoes? What's with the digidestines shoes anyway?"

Now I look like a messy dressed, short boy? What'z going on?

Maggy: "Sora could look good, if her skin wasn't pink... Wait that's Mimi's body, Sora's ugly body is nothing like Mimi's! Maybe if Sora put her hair up in pigtails or something...."

Black Gatomon: "Sora as a scank? Sorry, it could never happen! (I'm in denial from this pic)"

I look kawaii,  but these shoes are WAY too big!


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