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Mimi's Wardrobe

Maggy: "Mimi is just too pink for me. I think she should stick with the red, white, and blue. Okay, maybe she shouldn't look like The American Flag, but she SHOULDN'T trade clothes with Hikari!"

Black Gatomon: "Hey, I don't really like pink that much, but 02Hikari's body actually looks cute with 02Mimi's head. Mimi could be a New Digidestined (the body makes her look about 10 years old)."

Who says that I don't look good in pink?

Maggy: "Mimi in a green sailor dress? Yikes, not to be rude, but she is looking f&*king bad!"

Black Gatomon: "What do you get with 02Mimi's head + 02Sora's body? A pukegreen-sailor-pinkhaired-badchoiceoffootwear-freak. My advice for Mimi; wear ANYTHING but that!"

Hey, green is NOT my color. Get me out of this thing!

Maggy: "Mimi looks okay I guess, since that is Miyako's body and Miyako kind of looks like Mimi (well, she looks more like Mimi than Sora!) I'm proud of myself for making this one, because I had to re-draw part of her shoulder (where Miyako's hair covered it up). It doesn't look too bad. P.S. I re-drawed both 01Mimi and 02Mimi's shoulders too;)"

Black Gatomon: "Two words: Color Clash."

What am I? Super Cowgirl?


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