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You can take what you want, but PLEASE link it back to:
P.S. I made these things, if you have a request (I'll even do banners), email me. And oh, sorry some of these suck, as I said before; my exporters really stink.

Why not? They look so cute together, and someone had to make this banner.

Think about it, she could pass for a guy with out the long hair!

Put this on your page to show that in your site, there's no Togemon- the scary looking cactus! Ooooh, those hallow eyes....

A bigger version, these were inspired by the Sora Free banner at The Lost Temple Of Ishida

Jeez, puts some panties on!

Who knew???

Why shouldn't they be together? They're BOTH bird digimon, but then again, so is Cockitorimon.

Counter Banner for Jun: We Hate Her, Do You?

Homestead is going to start charging in September. I made these, but them on your site!

And the Homestead bashing continues....

Wow, Kari IS capable of being a bitch! ;P