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Stuff I have adopted/own
Gifts and Misc

This is stuff that I've collected over the months/years (I'm a long-term fan), click them to see where I got them from.

I TOTALLY AGREE, Yama could do so much better!

A tiny gatomon! Purrrrr...

A tiny Hikari too, it's so kawaii!

That's me, the sign of the ox ;)

A Gabumon card!! I love this one.

An adult Hikari, she's the cutest mom!

Gatomon card!! My favorite digimon (next to Black Gatomon).

Yeaa, she's so kawaii!

Yama's mom!!! She's so pretty, a little younger and she could be a digidestined.

Gabumon, one of my favs! If you want to trade, email me.

Gargomon: one arm's a gun and he wears weird pants. If you want to trade, email me.

Gatomon is such a kawaii Digimon, she's also got an attitude! If you want to trade, email me.

Look, it's my favorite 03 Digimon: Gillmon! If you to trade, email me.

It's my Tamers Club license.

Yes, I've joined the forever-project even though I haven't see every episode. Tailmon will never die here!

02 Tai is too cute to go!

Who's gonna replace Hikari in 03?

Oh, he's my favorite. I'm going to cry ;(

Ken and Wormmon-who could forget them??? I actually cried when Wormmon sacrificed himself for the Digidestines (but mostly for Ken ;)

I know I'll miss this cute 'lil happy-go-lucky guy! He was so powerfull too...